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Posted: 11/27/2019

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As a successful insurance agency owner, you need to utilize all the tools available to help streamline your business operations and grow your customer base. The Agency Matrix Virtual Employee is an invaluable tool in the agency management system. It's designed to assist in maximizing your retention and reducing loss ratios, while delivering prompt and precise information to your clientele.

  • How does it work?

  • The Virtual Employee fully automates your agency’s business workflows and marketing campaigns, by creating pre-determined events which are triggered by customer, prospect, system and user generated interactions.

    With Virtual Employee, you can create unlimited custom workflows, which generate pre-determined task and user notifications to alert employees of important actions to complete for clients and prospects. System automations can also be configured to process transactions as follow ups to previous transactions. The Virtual Employee continually works behind the scenes to help reduce your agency’s bottom-line costs and free your time to focus on growing revenue.      

    On the marketing side, the Virtual Employee takes care of a slew of tasks by regularly scanning your client database looking for specific criteria that you’ve set up. It can be set to generate emails, texts, phone calls and letters to customers and prospects. Never has it been so easy to send an email or text wishing a client happy birthday, happy holidays or just to say thank you. Automation and workflow configurations are almost unlimited. To give you the highest level of flexibility, the automations manager provides drop-downs for carriers, lines of business, customer types and so much more.

  • Further, you can schedule your communications to transmit at specific dates and times, and even avoid weekends and holidays if you prefer. You design and configure it, the Virtual Employee does the rest. 

    The Virtual Employee also plays a key role in improving your client retention. Automations can be scheduled to send cancellation, renewal and expiration notifications, keeping customers up to date and fully aware of policy status.

    As you can see, from nurturing prospects, to maintaining relationships with existing customers, to streamlining employee workflows, Agency Matrix’s Virtual Employee saves you immeasurable time and effort, so you can focus on growing your business.


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