Agency Matrix Finds Cloud Computing’s Silver Lining

Spark 360 Shows How Company Harnesses Technology to Cover Insurance Agencies’ Back Office Needs at Low Cost

While small, independent insurance agencies are writing policies for customers, they’re also seeking coverage for their own business needs. Agency Matrix, a Dallas-based software company that’s the subject of the latest edition of spark360′s innovative “Social Business Television” program, has come up with what it believes is a leading-edge policy for those small businesses: a 100-percent web-based office management system that’s easy to use, inexpensive to deploy and designed by agents for agents.


“We all have an agency background, so we know the challenges that agents encounter on a day to day basis,” said Agency Matrix chief operating officer Jeff Johnson. “The challenges related to managing their book of business, to managing their staff, managing their time and managing their cash flow. Going back to some of the colleagues that we have in the industry, we wanted to bring a solution to Agency Matrix that would fill the needs that they had – that they know we wanted to have when we were agents.”

Agency Matrix does that by tying in to one of the latest technology trends – SaaS (Software as a Service). An agency’s infrastructure software all sits in the Web “cloud,” hosted on Agency Matrix’s servers. There’s nothing to install on an agent’s computer, no minimum specifications required, and unlimited uploads of documents and images are allowed. And as long as an agent has Internet access, he or she can log on to the system – even from a smartphone.

Other technology-based office management systems might require installation and hours of training. Yet Agency Matrix promises to get agents up to speed within a half-hour by using Web videos available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A low monthly fee of $89 seals the deal for many office managers worried about budgets in a tight economy.

“The simplicity of the management system is what really causes agents to gravitate towards Agency Matrix,” Johnson said. “There are a lot of good systems out there, but the level of complexity that’s involved in them is what turns a lot of agencies away, so they’re looking for something that meets their needs but is simple and is easy to learn.”

Being 100-percent web-based also means that upgrades and new features can be pushed out to agency offices instantly, and programmers listen to the Agency Matrix community of users for suggestions regarding new services. Johnson also says the system is airtight and secure, from the end user to the server, thanks to industry-leading encryption technology.

“The Agency Matrix story, like a lot of other spark360 business news features, begins with someone demanding a service that wasn’t being offered to them at the time,” said spark360 host/managing editor Renay San Miguel. “It’s a story of former insurance agents wanting technology that would be quick to master and wouldn’t break the bank, and since they couldn’t find it, they decided to team with software gurus to develop it themselves. If that’s not the spirit of entrepreneurship, I don’t know what is.”

Senior Producer Steven Swaim added, “Agency Matrix saw an opportunity and they exploited it. Their story is a great example of how entrepreneurs have a unique eye for innovation. We are excited about showcasing such an innovative company on spark360.”

About Agency Matrix
Agency Matrix, LLC is a Dallas-based technology company dedicated to providing effective, efficient, and affordable management system solutions to the insurance industry and small business owners around the country. Designed by former insurance agents for insurance agents, Agency Matrix is committed to providing the industry with simplified solutions at rates that are reasonable and affordable to the independent business owner.

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