Brand Building
Posted: 04/24/2018


Branding your company is a key component to success. Many businesses out there would not do nearly as well without consistent company branding.  Insurance agency branding essentially starts with a logo.  When you create a logo, you want it to set yourself apart from your competition.  Setting yourself apart doesn’t just come from the logo, though.  Your company has to build a brand.  The right logo emphasizing your quality, services, products, and customer service care will help build that brand.

It's very important to be unique when brand building, but it’s just as important to question how to achieve that. How would you target your consumers? How would you go about obtaining exposure? You need to be putting insurance agency logos on everything from emails to letters.  The more places you put your brand logo the better; and keep in mind, the documents featuring your insurance agency logos aren’t the only way to build your brand.  Having an employee uniform helps promote the company. Having that uniform passes off the professionalism that you want your company to have, and the legitimacy of your company.

Company branding also plays a part in how you set yourself apart from your competition. There are a lot of ways you can set your insurance agency apart, but a lot of agents aren’t spending the time to get creative.  Many insurance agency logos in the market are creative and functional.  Two examples of brand building with creative messages are Amazon and FedEx.  With the Amazon logo, there is an arrow going from the first “A” to the “Z.”  This is to represent that Amazon has everything available from A to Z.


FedEx has an arrow going from left to right in between the blank space of the “E” and the “X.”  This shows that FedEx is always moving forward, with speed, and with precision.



These company logo designs are simple yet elegant.  They offer a little “aha” moment when someone understands the hidden meaning behind the logo.  People will enjoy having that moment and start to associate your company with that “aha” moment and the amount of thought that went in to giving them that feeling.

Another way to set yourself apart is by going that extra step. Not only sending a thank you letter but calling the customer, personally. Calling the person, thanking him for his business, and asking them whether they have any concerns or questions about their coverage is how to best set yourself apart. With those first few steps you've started to build a brand with your business.  Setting this precedent of excellent customer service will differentiate a company from those that don’t follow up as thoroughly or sincerely.

Setting the tone of company branding is imperative. It establishes your reputation, your quality, and services, and it can set you aside from your competitors. Proper branding illustrates that you're doing things that are original and refreshing; things that your competitors do not do or offer that will set you aside.  With a logo, people will come to associate that brand you’ve built around that image.

A major cause for concern with most companies is the cost of a logo. Agency Matrix has a dedicated team of graphic artists who can create a logo specified to your company and your brand. For just $199, we will create a logo that looks professional and unique. And utilizing Agency Matrix insurance software, placing that logo onto documents for your clients is extremely easy.  Your custom insurance agency logos can be copied onto any documents you need from receipts to envelopes.  Simply contact us to get started with branding your company and having it represented the way you deserve.

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