Does your agency software include telephony? Must-have insurance technology for 2013

Competition in today’s insurance market is fierce, and your business needs competitive tools if you want to stay in the game. Keeping up with technology is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and if you haven’t upgraded your telephony and agency software capabilities in a while, you’re falling behind.

Technology is moving ahead by leaps and bounds, and insurance agents and brokers are increasingly upgrading to faster and more efficient IP telephony and unified communications software systems to manage their agencies. These systems have been a boon to productivity and profitability, allowing agents and brokers to automate many burdensome administrative processes, maximize vast amounts of data, better connect with prospects and customers, and boost sales.

These new unified messaging systems give you the power and convenience of integrating your phones, email, mobile hand-held devices and PCs into one single-platform telephony solution. This gives you a lot more flexibility and control over the messages and information you juggle every day, and the added simplicity is bound to give your productivity a boost. You no longer have to deal with multiple platforms to find and coordinate information . . . it’s all at your fingertips in one integrated agency software platform.

Some of the advantages of telephony software include:

  • Phone numbers in any market so your telemarketers always appear to be local
  • Make and receive phone calls from your browser for added speed to lead
  • Easy phone number set up for every user
  • Integrated text message capability
  • User-friendly interfaces and easy training
  • Quicker and more efficient routing of calls for better service
  • Reduced time spent chasing down and responding to messages
  • Integrated access to all client information, payment information, forms and reports
  • Enhanced control over data to better take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities 

PBX and similar older technology systems are no longer cutting it in today’s fast paced business environment, and major manufacturers and service companies in the industry are increasingly dropping their support for these older systems. If you’re still bogged down with an outdated and inefficient system, it’s costing you time and money, it’s destined to be out of date, and it’s probably costing you business to your competitors.

If you want to stay in the game and grow your business, you need an agency software system that will give you the tools to accomplishment that. Choosing agency software that includes telephony capabilities is money well spent for a solution that will simplify your operations, serve your customers better, and help you be a competitive player in the market.

Want to see telephony software in action? Schedule an Agency Matrix demo today.

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