How bad accounting practices can bring down your agency

According to, independent insurance agencies tend to focus on the sales part of their industry. Many of the business owners either lack knowledge or the experience that is required to run insurance agency accounting. There is nothing worse than being in the dark about having a bad accountant who doesn’t handle your financial information correctly.

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Tech Support Vlog - Internet Explorer Vs Microsoft Edge

Tech Support is getting in on the video action! In our debut episode of the Tech Support Vlog we discuss the all-too-often overlooked web browser, Internet Explorer.

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How to Communicate With Insurance Clients During Emergencies

Hurricane Sandy has been a brutal reminder of how vulnerable we are to natural disasters. When widespread damage occurs and critical infrastructures and services are knocked out, chaos ensues – especially in crowded urban areas like New York and New Jersey. Those who are caught up in the chaos need timely and helpful information, especially from their insurance partners.

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Insurance agency software tip: The benefits of joining the digital age

The technology revolution of the past few decades has changed the economic landscape forever, for both consumers and businesses. Today’s buying public has a staggering array of choices when it comes to insurance products and services, and technology and social media tools have played a huge role in changing consumers’ buying behaviors, attitudes and preferences.

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Are Your Agency Software Form Letters Eroding Your Bottom Line?

Poor writing habits are the silent killer in the insurance industry, eroding insurance organizations' bottom lines with incalcuable damage to image and reputation, and countless lost opportunities attributable to miscommunication.

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