Why you need an AMS

In a nutshell, the right agency management system (AMS) brings order and sanity to your independent insurance agency by providing a complete view of tasks, sales, agent activities and account information.

As you well know, your agents manage an enormous amount of information and must complete a mountain of tasks every day for your agency to remain relevant and successful. An AMS effectively squeezes more time into every workday, maximizing revenue and ROI through improved productivity. Research shows a $5.60 return per dollar spent on AMS software. It’s that simple.

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Maximizing Your AMS Investment

Let’s face it. Your agency management system is a big deal. It’s a commitment that requires research, investment of time and money, and a significant undertaking of training, no matter how well designed and user-friendly the API. You've made the right decision, now make sure you're not leaving money on the table.


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What Net Neutrality Means for You

Neutrality’s Connection to the Cloud

Net neutrality has gained recognition and caused quite the controversy in recent news.  Even among the internet policy community, the question regarding how to categorize the internet remains unanswered.  It is unclear whether the internet should be considered a public utility or a telecommunications service.  Before the Federal Communications Commission voted to refile the internet as telecommunications, all websites were to be treated equally by internet providers.  With this requalification, the laissez-faire operation of the internet is subject to change.

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The True 7 Deadly Sins of Car Insurance

It’s a major Red Flag when a policyholder is, or shows signs of being a potential high risk or unreliable driver. Drivers who are irresponsible and purposely get into frequent trouble are not suitable for your agency. Dangerous drivers come with all sorts of liability issues. It’s important to take proper action with high risk drivers before serious problems arise and cause your agency to be negatively affected. Below is a list of 7 “sins” to look out for as an auto insurance agent.

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Agency Software: 10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective ways to contact insurance prospects and keep in touch with customers. Compared to traditional direct mail, it’s cheaper, faster, and highly measurable. And it can also have a bigger impact on immediate sales and long-term relationships than traditional advertising. For these reasons, many insurance agents and brokers devote a big chunk of their insurance marketing budgets to email marketing.

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