The Art of Boosting Sales

Tip #1: Sell globally

If you’re looking for more customers, sell to multiple audiences. For instance, if you’re an insurance company, advertising to teens, adults, and the elderly can improve sales tremendously. Almost everyone requires some type of insurance and if not, people who have been informed about it will spread word among others. Envision yourself encountering a phenomenal business that doesn’t necessarily provide for your needs, but it can help someone you know. Will you hesitate to tell that person? Andrew Griffiths, author and entrepreneur from, points out yet another great way you can improve your sales. Griffiths states that distributing your products or services internationally and educating your employees in cultural awareness will raise sales abundantly.

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3 ways you can use your mobile device to prevent fraud in your company

Fraud is a recurring nightmare in insurance agencies worldwide. For decades, insurance companies have been deceived at the hand of customers and everyday people. The victim can be easily deprived of money in a matter of days. This formulates a resolution process that can be lengthy, expensive, and time consuming. The main question is how can our mobile devices stop and prevent insurance fraud.

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Use Your Agency Software to Practice the Rule of 13

When a prospect needs insurance, who do they think of first, you or a competitor?

That all depends on who owns the most real estate in that prospect’s mind . . . who has the most mind-share. As a rule of thumb, it takes 13 exposures before the average person can remember your business name. But just because they remember your name, doesn’t mean they will buy from you. It means you have “mindshare” and when they have a need for the product or service you provide, you will be one of the agents they will consider.

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Agency Software Tip: Why Speed to Lead is Crucial

Competition in the insurance industry is fierce. Even if your market is large, you’re essentially selling the same products as your competitors, so you have to find other ways to differentiate yourself to your customers and prospects.

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Does Your Agency Software Strategy Include Social Media? 10 Ways to Get Social Results

We all know that social media is an essential marketing tool in this day and age, but how do insurance agencies use it effectively? We’ve scoured social media business strategy tools to find the best practices. Here are the top tools and tips for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Does your agency software include telephony? Must-have insurance technology for 2013

Competition in today’s insurance market is fierce, and your business needs competitive tools if you want to stay in the game. Keeping up with technology is a crucial piece of the puzzle, and if you haven’t upgraded your telephony and agency software capabilities in a while, you’re falling behind.

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Insurance agency software tip: The benefits of joining the digital age

The technology revolution of the past few decades has changed the economic landscape forever, for both consumers and businesses. Today’s buying public has a staggering array of choices when it comes to insurance products and services, and technology and social media tools have played a huge role in changing consumers’ buying behaviors, attitudes and preferences.

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Agency Software: 10 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing remains one of the most cost effective ways to contact insurance prospects and keep in touch with customers. Compared to traditional direct mail, it’s cheaper, faster, and highly measurable. And it can also have a bigger impact on immediate sales and long-term relationships than traditional advertising. For these reasons, many insurance agents and brokers devote a big chunk of their insurance marketing budgets to email marketing.

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