A Shining Future with Agent Alive

When it comes to any business these days, you're going to have your heavy-hitters and your light-weights, and in no business is this more accurate than insurance coverage. Smaller insurance companies often have to work significantly harder than their sizable, nationwide counterparts in order to expand and retain their books of business. This can leave agencies feeling stuck in the proverbial rat race. As with any problem, however, there is always a solution. 

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Winning With Workers' Comp

We recently met with Steven Petty, the Sr. Risk Manager of Insured Solutions, and a 44-year veteran in the workers’ compensation field.   We wanted to know why workers’ compensation is such an under-rated and undersold form of insurance when agents stand to gain so much from its offerings.

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Reducing Risk Exposure

Theft is a serious issue with insurance agencies nationwide. Theft occurs most frequently with the agents who don’t spend a lot of time in the office and who have multiple locations. When the insurance agency owner isn’t participating in the management of their company, it generates the perfect opportunity for fraud and theft to occur.

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