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Bridging from AM to ITC
Agency Matrix management software now has the capability to bridge an existing policy, quote or X-Date to ITC by clicking on the requite link at the end of each policy, quote or X-Date.
(Available on all packages)

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Five Ways To Deliver A Rock Star Insurance Performance

We’ve all seen the recent deluge of TV talent shows – The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and countless others. Many believe these shows will catapult them to greatness and crowds of screaming fans. And, unfortunately, many of these dreams end in heartbreak. But not all of them. A small percentage of talented hopefuls go on to become superstars. Do you ever wonder why? What vaults some people to rock star status, with staying power and millions of loyal longtime fans?

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How Can your Insurance Software Help you get Closer to your Customers this Year?

Now that another holiday season is behind us and all of our New Year’s resolutions have begun to fade, everyone is getting to work putting their business plans for the year into action. And there’s nothing more important to your success than the relationships you build with your prospects and customers.

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Driving “DNA” Hikes Auto Insurance Premiums by 15% or More

Most of your auto insurance customers intuitively understand that if they act irresponsibly behind the wheel, it can cost them in the form of fines, legal fees, higher insurance rates, revoked licenses – or in the worst case scenario – loss of lives. But how many of your customers really understand how their driving records affect their insurance premiums?

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What do virtual driving tests and insurance software have in common?

Most of us can still remember Driver Ed training and those first clumsy days behind the wheel. The thrill of learning to drive. The anxiety associated with facing new dangers. And of course, the pressure to please an instructor who stood between you and your freedom on the open road.

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Skyrocketing HO insurance claims – another reason for smart insurance software

Weather patterns in recent years have been wreaking havoc with homeowners and insurance carriers alike. According to a study of homeowners insurance claim trends between 1997 and 2011 by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), the cost of homeowner’s insurance claims has skyrocketed, with the average claim payment per insured home up 173 percent nationwide during that time period. In 2011 alone, homeowners insurance claim costs per insured home increased 27 percent.

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Digital proof of insurance? Yes, there’s an app for that!

On the auto insurance scene, there’s a new insurance software tool available . . . one that your tech-savvy customers will love … digital proof of insurance.

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Is Paperless on Your Insurance Software Christmas List?

Remember back in the dawn of the computer age, with all the buzz about how we were headed for a paperless society? Obviously we aren’t there yet. The computer age was not a paperless revolution, but instead created a deluge of paper production.

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Beyond insurance software: Four trends to watch in 2013

In 10 or 20 years, the insurance industry may be totally unrecognizable by today’s standards.

New technology, new competitors and new distribution channels are combining to disrupt traditional business models, reshape customer expectations, and transform the insurance buying experience.

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Insurance software tip: Overcoming call reluctance and failure

We’ve all been there. The voicemail … the hang up … and the “Sorry, not interested” before you’ve even told them what you’re calling about. Telemarketing is an important, albeit very painful aspect of insurance marketing. If the mere thought of conducting telephone sales calls makes you want to call in sick or take a two-hour lunch, it’s time to time to face your fears and get the insurance software and process in place to help you work smarter!

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