Brand Building

Branding your company is a key component to success. Many businesses out there would not do nearly as well without consistent company branding.  Insurance agency branding essentially starts with a logo.  When you create a logo, you want it to set yourself apart from your competition.  Setting yourself apart doesn’t just come from the logo, though.  Your company has to build a brand.  The right logo emphasizing your quality, services, products, and customer service care will help build that brand.

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How to Crush Competition by Obtaining More Customer Reviews

It’s time to get innovative and leave your competitors in the dust! To get ahead in the insurance industry, you need to gather reviews. In this day and age your customers are tech savvy, so they will go the extra mile to find out if your products are reliable. But how will your customers know if no one leaves a review? Wouldn’t you want to know if the product you’re buying is worth your time and money? According to, Dimensional Research reports 88% of online customers make a buying decision based on what online reviews say. That percentage is astounding! If you’re not swayed by that, Jonathon Wolfe, blogger and VP of Techvalidate concludes that 94% of respondents rate company reviews by customers as “very effective” (Survey of 105 B2b marketing and sales professionals). Getting positive customer reviews is extremely important for the success of your insurance agency. The main question to ask is…… how to get customers to leave more reviews?  


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