Reducing Risk Exposure

Theft is a serious issue with insurance agencies nationwide. Theft occurs most frequently with the agents who don’t spend a lot of time in the office and who have multiple locations. When the insurance agency owner isn’t participating in the management of their company, it generates the perfect opportunity for fraud and theft to occur.

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2017:  Agencies and Cybercrime

A new year means new clients, a larger book of business, and better yields for agencies everywhere, Right?  Well, possibly.  Hard-working businesses like yours are not the only ones getting revved-up and motivated for a prosperous 12 months.  While you are diligently planning your strategies for customer care, sales, and retention hackers are investing their own energy in finding more efficient methods of breaking into the systems of successful businesses.  2016-2021 is expected to see a definitive rise in cyber security attacks targeting small and large businesses alike, according to the University of San Diego

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