[fa icon="plus-square-o"] What are the four reasons I should use Agency Matrix?

1. Efficient. Agency Matrix insurance software is easy and fast, requires no installation and no upgrades. You can manage your time and your finances with this effective and affordable agency software solution.

2. Effective. Agency Matrix provides all the management software features you need to effectively manage your agency, plus features not found in any other agency management system to help you grow your business.

3. Reliable. Because Agency Matrix is a 100% web-based software with redundant server technology placed around the country, we can guarantee 99.99% up-time. Connect to your insurance agency software from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

4. Affordable. We don’t believe in gouging the client with expensive “activation” fees and overpriced monthly costs. Keeping the independent agent in mind, our fees are fair and very affordable for any size agency.

[fa icon="plus-square-o"] My current system stores my policies by policy number, so I have to memorize my clients' policy numbers. Is this how Agency Matrix is set up?
No, Agency Matrix is built from a client-first perspective. This means that each client can have their own file within the system, and you add policies into this client file as needed. Every policy for a client is available in the same location and easy to maneuver between. This also means you can generate a receipt or invoice for multiple policies at once simply by selecting them when you generate the receipt. Within Agency Matrix, the client is your focus, and their policies are how you help them, not the other way around.
[fa icon="plus-square-o"] I have a large book of business but have never had a management system. If I start one now, am I going to have to manually enter all my clients?

No! There are several ways to get your current book of business into Agency Matrix. AI3 imports, IVANS, and TeamUp are a few examples that carriers can use to send over your current book of business. In addition, if you have an IVANS account, many carriers participate in a daily download program to help keep your system as up to date as possible with any customer or policy changes coming in from your carriers.

[fa icon="plus-square-o"] How will I convert my current book of business to the Agency Matrix software system?
Agency Matrix does it for you. We will do an initial evaluation of your current agency software system or database and consult with you on the specs and best plan of action.  We will let you know when it is complete, and you simply sign in to your new insurance agency management system and are ready to go. It’s painless and seamless for you.
[fa icon="plus-square-o"] Why is Agency Matrix so much cheaper than its competition?
Remember, we were all agents, as well. We understand the industry and the challenges of the independent agent. We are confident that we offer a formidable product at a fair price to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. No gouging and no gimmicks, just simple ethical economics.
[fa icon="plus-square-o"] How will my staff and I get trained on the Agency Matrix system?

You will get four in-depth virtual trainings delivered one-on-one by an experienced trainer. Within the system there are more than 100 videos on specific features you can access on demand at any time. Use it as a point of reference or to refresh yourself when you have a question. The training team also offers free weekly live Q&A webinars. Of course, we are always available to you by phone or online and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance agency software.

[fa icon="plus-square-o"] How long will it take to get my agency started with the Agency Matrix System?
You get started immediately. You can begin inputting new business into the Agency Matrix insurance client database software as soon as you are ready. Conversion of existing customers from an old system depends on the size and type of insurance software system you have been using.
[fa icon="plus-square-o"] Which browsers support Agency Matrix?
icon-ie8.jpg  Internet Explorer (Windows) Download
icon-firefox.jpg  Firefox (Windows or Mac OS X) Download
icon-safari.jpg  Safari (Windows or Mac OS X) Download
icon-opera.jpg  Opera (Windows or Mac OS X) Download 
icon-googlechrome.jpg  Google Chrome (Windows) Download 
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Internet Explorer

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Scroll down until you see section labled 'Scripting'
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