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Incoming Call Recognition Now Available with Agency Matrix and our Partnered Vendors. The Missing Piece to Your Customer Service Puzzle. 

Provide Second-to-None Customer Service with the Right Business Communication Solution

The insurance landscape is rapidly evolving. With true uncertainty on what impact the PPACA will have, along with insurance increasingly being perceived as a commodity among consumers, it’s imperative to do everything possible to differentiate yourself from other insurance agents in your marketplace. If there is one thing you can do to separate your insurance agency from your competition, it’s focusing on providing the best agency customer service possible with reliable business communication software. 

If you’re already using Agency Matrix as a business communication solution, you’ve experienced firsthand how helpful it is to have all of your customer’s information easily accessible, instead of buried in a series of filing cabinets. Your ability to provide exemplary agency customer service has increased since all your customer’s information is a click away with Agency Matrix telephony software. However, there is a faster and easier way to get access to your customers' information.

With incoming call recognition from Agency Matrix, you simply click on the incoming call pop-up on your computer screen, and the customer’s record will load in Agency Matrix insurance software. No longer will you need to verify the spelling of someone’s last name in the middle of your call to make sure you have the right person. Thanks to our telephony software, you’ll have access to the right information as soon as you pick up the call.  You’ll be able to identify the source of a call through advanced caller ID features with our complete business communication solution. 

Make the most of every call and interaction with a client. Streamline your communications with business communication software from Agency Matrix.


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VirtualTone is a Houston-based company, founded in 1998, that offers dedicated, hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications and internet solutions to clients across the nation and around the world. VirtualTone® technology is designed with cloud computing technology and is accessible using any broadband internet connection, allowing clients to break free from their traditional phone system.

VirtualTone offers phone systems that start with 5 lines/5 devices/5 phone numbers, with features such as:


[fa icon="check"]   Find me/Follow me

[fa icon="check"]   Call Whisper

[fa icon="check"]   Call Recordings

[fa icon="check"]   Unlimited IVR (auto-attendant)

[fa icon="check"]   Voicemail to Email

[fa icon="check"]   Customizable Caller ID

[fa icon="check"]   Call Detail Reporting

[fa icon="check"]   Softphone Compatible

[fa icon="check"]   Multiple Call Queues

[fa icon="check"]   Customizable Hold Music/Messages

[fa icon="check"]   And Many More!


To learn more, please visit, or give us a call at 888-755-6864 or send an email to

VirtualTone is absolutely the only communication solution you’ll ever need…Guaranteed!

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VoIP Designed Just for Your Agency

We have been providing VoIP service to insurance agencies of all sizes for many years now and proudly and exclusively serve thousands of agents nationwide. Whether you are looking for something as simple as Call Recording or a complete redesign of your customer service experience, you can buy with confidence knowing that we know how to take care of your agency.


[fa icon="check"] Increase agent productivity: See what your agents are doing and reach them easily from anywhere. Identify your customers instantly when they call, with pop up screen integrations to customer records through your Agency Matrix platform.


[fa icon="check"] Communicate 24x7x365, even in emergencies: Our backed-up infrastructure runs in locations across the country, to help your business keep going even in natural disasters. And with your Bluewave Communicator, you can even communicate from the road, customer’s location, or temporary claims centers. When it's tough for your customers we'll keep you in contact with them!


[fa icon="check"] Never miss a call: Send calls wherever you choose at any time of the day or night from any internet connected location via apps, forwarding, or voicemail to email.


[fa icon="check"] First name customer service: We know you have many choices in the market so our technical staff is dedicated to treating you like you were having a face to face meeting. Your business truly matters to us so white glove customer service is not just a catch phrase it’s our way of life.


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