Employee Testimonial

Roberta Blackford

Implementation Specialist 


"I am on the front line, training clients on how to customize our management system to fit their processes. I work with clients that are in multiple phases of their business, from their first carrier appointment to seasoned multi-region agencies. I absolutely love working here, because we have a very supportive team and excellent management that is always available to help us excel. Showing up every day is easy, and I enjoy being here."  

Roberta Blackford—Implementation Specialist

Our customers have equally nice things to say about Agency Matrix.


“I love it because it is very user-friendly, it’s easy to use and it is so easy to train our employees.”


Kitty N. Baja Insurance

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I wanted to let you know that, a few weeks back, Daniel was doing a web meeting with me to show me how to bridge a client from another system, and noticed that I did not use your task manager. After he showed me how he uses it and how simple it was, I have since started to use it. I think it is the best most KISSED (keep it simple stupid) task manager I have ever used in all my years in the corporate world. It really helped me keep up with new client follow up tasks without sticky notes all over my desk and losing track of the client.

So, thanks for your help and pointing out extra benefits of your product that I was not using.


J Cannon Blue Horizon Insurance

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“What we like about Agency Matrix is everything!  It is all around one of the best systems we have ever used.

We’ve stopped more employee theft than you can imagine with Agency Matrix, and we’ve seen so much more cash flow in our business because of that.  We’ve been really bless with the Agency Matrix system.

We are so much happier with Agency Matrix and how easy it is to teach new employees.  They can be trained and ready to sell within a day, as opposed to the month it used to take with other systems.” 


Aziz J. Baja Insurance

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I have been with Agency Matrix since 2010. I am very happy with their service. I am so happy with their mobile and cloud service. I can take my agent management with me wherever I go.

Their ease of use is great for my employees and the reports we can run in the back end help me keep manage and run my business more efficiently. I am also very happy with their reliability. Very seldom do we have any technical difficulties. Thank you Agency Matrix for helping me grow my business because I can rely on your system to keep me organized.

I would recommend Agency Matrix to anyone.


Eduardo Martinez Solo Insurance

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“As an agency owner I look for certain traits in the agency management system my company is going to use. These include reliability, accuracy, cost, flexibility, speed, and most importantly, the ease of use. The Agency Matrix system has met all these requirements while also using their insurance experience and user feedback to further constantly upgrade the system. You can literally get an agent or CSR up to speed on entering in a new customer’s data and their receipt in about a 30 minute training session. Now my agents can focus on sales more and data entry less!”


Archie G. 1 Stop Financial Services

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“I’ve been using Agency Matrix for 4 1/2 years and it has been awesome.  It is really user-friendly.  I use temps and am able to train them to use it within a few minutes.”


Susan M. Owner – Texas Insurance Connection

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I just want to tell Kelly and Mark, how much I appreciate you and all your hard work.  You both have gone above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I have been through 3 other conversions and believe me NONE of them Compare to your help and service.  I know we have had major issues within this last year but you both have stepped up to the plate and helped us through it.  I would be most happy to recommend Agency Matrix to anyone that asks me.  I know we have a lot of work still in front of us but I wanted you both to know how I felt and Daniel I wanted to let you know especially that you have some great people working for you at Agency Matrix.  I have met people that I now count as my friend and I can’t wait to get on this journey within the system.

Thank you all again!!


Dena D. MHJ Insurance Agency

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When I started working here at Powell, I had never heard of Agency Matrix.  I had experience with another management system and was unsure how I would adapt to it. Fast forward to nearly 5 year later and I can honestly say Agency Matrix is great.  It keeps our office organized and on track.  It is user friendly and makes our daily tasks much easier.

Thanks for being an easy to use system.


Amy B Gonzalez Powell Insurance Agency

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