Agency Matrix Brings You Virtual Employee


A Virtual Employee is like an automated robot who completes a full days work, before your competition even opens their doors. It is a web-based, automated program that helps your insurance agency build relationships with your prospects, while nurturing your existing book of business.

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Never late

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Never calls in sick

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Never takes a vacation

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Works every weekend

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Works holidays

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Never loses focus

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Works overtime

[fa icon="check-square-o"]  Does not need performance reviews or salary increases


[fa icon="check-square-o"] Virtual Employee sends out automated Thank You letters, Birthday letters and Anniversary letters

[fa icon="check-square-o"] Virtual Employee sends out automated Payment reminders, Renewal reminders and Cancellation notices

[fa icon="check-square-o"] The automated agent runs Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly reports and emails them to you before you start your day

[fa icon="check-square-o"] This independent insurance agency software automatically assigns new tasks to each of your employees