Agency Matrix Brings You Virtual Employee


With the Virtual Employee, you can create unlimited automated workflows to streamline the operations of your agency. The software helps improve agent productivity and increases retention and renewals. Automated tasks, such as sending emails and texts, quote follow-ups and tracking, reduce marketing expense and increase closing ratios and revenue. Agency Matrix's Virtual Employee greatly reduces burdensome work that is costly to your agency and diverts from revenue generation.

Thank you Letters

Automated Marketing

Automatically send prospect and customer correspondence through email, text message, letters and call lists.

Payments Reminders

Automated Payments

Sends out Automated Payment reminders, Renewal reminders and Cancellation notices.

Monthly Reports

Automated Reports

Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Reports are automatically generated and emailed to you before you start your day.


Custom Workflows

Automatically generates, schedules and monitors agency workflow items and tasks by specified user or office